I could brag about how good I am but would you believe me? There is a saying "When someone else rings your bell, the sound travels twice as far". Following are report cards from previous clients. I would rather let them "ring my bell".

If I had to do this all again,I would have contacted you first. After our discussions prior to signing with you, I could tell that you had a lot of experience and understood several factors which I wasn't considering. You could tell just from talking to me about the previous situation what my previous Realtor did wrong, and what I had done wrong. I think had I signed with you first, I likely could have sold my place several months sooner. I would definitely recommend you to others. In 6 weeks you did what I couldn't get done the previous 11 months. You're friendly and respond quickly to emails. I can't thank you enough, it is as if a tremendous weight has been lifted from my shoulders...

K. Ramsay

Thanks for everything. I can't think of anything you could have done differently, you always kept us up to date and informed and always communicate promptly which I like. You can use me as a reference if you like and yes I'd recommend you to other people as well. In fact one day if I sell my place I'll give you a call first....Thanks again....

Michael Bodnar

Your services are above and beyond any Realtor we have dealt with in the past. You handled the difficult task of dealing with an estate in a professional and politically correct manner. Residing in another country, we needed a Realtor who would guide us thru the process as well as look out for our interests. You exceeded our expectations and we would highly recommend your services....Thank You for a job well done....

Gerald and Sandra

We are so glad that we found you to sell our home! You did a fabulous job!! All of the feedback you provided was invaluable, and we really appreciated how available you made yourself 24-7. We knew you'd be there for us whenever necessary! Your obvious enjoyment of what you do made it a pleasure to work with you. It makes such a difference to know that someone truly cares about what they're doing. You put your all and your heart into it! We would definitely recommend you. In fact we already have! Thanks for helping our dreams to come true...

Sheila and Nino Polito

Don, It was a pleasure doing business with you. We are really appreciative of your service to us considering that we live out of province. You kept us up to date, made sound recommendations and made every effort to make the transaction as easy as possible. You went above & beyond for us and we would not hesitate to recommend you as a competent professional Realtor. Thank you very much.

Sally (Foran) and Dr. Brandy McRoberts (St. Mary's)

Don was very courteous, efficient, considerate, respects a lady customer, fast service, experienced.

Helene LaPointe (St. Mary's)

Thank you for helping us clarify our decision between buying or renovating. We would not hesitate to send our friends your way.

Carol Zwicker

I would like to thank you for the service you have provided for me. I will be sure and pass on your name to everyone I can. You have helped me and my family out wonderfully.Thanks again.

Scott Jellis

Our real estate experience with you was excellent! You clearly and honestly explained every step in the process, provided us with valuable information upon which to make judgements and used your experience to help us price our house correctly so it sold quickly. Thank you for your valuable assistance...We'd never be living in our beautiful new home without you!.

Bonnie and Clayton Knoll

I wish to thank you for the excellent service you provided in selling the estate property of the late Leon Nicodemus. If in the future, the occasion arises again that I require a Realtor, I will certainly consider you. I am more than appreciative of the professional manner in which you handled this sale on behalf of the Public Trustee.

E.Sawatsky (Trust Officer)

We were very happy with your services. We found that your experience and helpful hints were important in ensuring that we found the right home. It was a pleasure to have you shuffling us from home to home. Best of all, you were there when we finally found the right one to ensure that we got it. Thanks Don, should we move in the future, we will be calling you.

Marianne and Neil Kucharski

I wish to thank you for the good service I received while selling my house with you. No complaints, only compliments to you. Thanks again.

Harriet Dalphond

I was very appreciative of the way you presented yourself in doing business with me. As you know, you sold my house in 2 days. I don't know what else I could ask for!.

Murray Mackinnon

Don kept in touch with us for thirteen years, He is a professional with extreme knowledge.

Teresa Boyes

Excellent service from Don! We have already recommended him to friends. Wouldn't hesitate to use him again. Very knowledgeable and professional.

Christie Gaetz

I was very satisfied with Don's work. A very pleasant fellow to do business with. Very considerate of my wishes.

Dan Van Coughnett

You were very professional and knowledgeable throughout our search, but what impressed us the most was your ability to see beyond. You helped steer us away from the trash and through your own insight brought us to the place you clearly saw us in. This is a highly personal skill which I believe is lacking in 90% of realtors and seems to be quite natural to you. Your complete honesty was a virtue during our long search and it helped us to see things we wouldn't have considered Everyone has a talent, thank you for sharing yours with us.

Broc and Kristyl MacQueen

It really is a pleasure working with someone like you. You do outstanding work, and I just want you to know how much it is appreciated. Thank you for your help, Don.

June Schroter

Our experience was excellent. Don was always available at a moments notice to assist us. He provided us with any information we required in order to sell and buy our new home and was always willing to clarify any questions we had. Overall it was a fairly painless process & was handled with the utmost professionalism. Thank you very much.

Rob and Rona Doyle

I would like to thank you very much for the service you provided to my mother after I contacted you. When a death occurs in a family it is difficult to know what to do or who to call upon. As I told you, it was through word of mouth that I called upon you. After you took the time to check out Mom's house and sent her your information, it was no time until all was settled with the least amount of worry for my Mom. For this I am deeply grateful.


Knowing you for a long time has given me confidence in your real estate expertise and I found in our recent transaction that the expertise paid off. I was very pleased with your service and thank you very much.

Jack Behl

We appreciate your support and understanding while we were house hunting together. We came to understand how truly professional you are in comparison to the other Realtors we met during the sale process of our home. We appreciate your support and understanding, and hope to access your support again some time in the future.

B. and J. Haverstock

It really is a pleasure working with someone like you. You do outstanding work, and I just want you to know how much it is appreciated. Thank you for your help Don.

Larry and Sharon Prather and June Schroter

Thanks Don, for your services, it was appreciated. It makes things easier for us when we have a Realtor we can trust to look after our real estate affairs.

J. & E. Sikora

My Brother recommended you because of the positive and "quick" real estate experience that he and his family had with you. I definitely agree. I would be happy to recommend your services to other family members or any of my friends. Thank-you.

Julie Beggs

Thank you for your very prompt help regarding the assessment on our house. The speed with which you responded to our concern was exceptional. Ever since you sold our mother's house in Avonmore, we have been recommending you whenever someone is looking for a real estate agent. We will definitely continue to do so even more fervently now. Thank you again for all your help. You are the best in the business as far as we are concerned.

Marge Smith and Dave Mulligan

You were great. You handled a touchy situation with difficult beneficiaries exceptionally well. The sale of the house could have been sabotaged if you had not dealt with the beneficiaries with tact and diplomacy. I would absolutely recommend you to anyone considering selling their house...

Name Withheld

I was very satisfied with the service you gave me on the sale of my house in Avonmore. It was a relief to be able to relax and not have to worry about it. Thank you very much.

Mary Morrison

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